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Lisa Faulkner

Prep 10 mins

Cook 25 mins

Total 35 mins

Serves 4–6

I’m really not one for name-dropping but... kedgeree always reminds me? of Sir Christopher Lee. I was lucky enough to work with him when I was 22. We did a film together called A Feast at Midnight. Fittingly, the film was all about food being the way to a young girl’s heart... We stayed at a lovely pub while we were filming and every morning Christopher and I had breakfast together. I would always order boiled eggs but I remember he ate many different things, including kedgeree. So in honour of this lovely man, I give you kedgeree!


  • 500 g (1 lb) naturally dyed smoked haddock
  • 250 g (8 oz) basmati or long- grain rice, rinsed in cold water
  • 500 ml (17 fl oz) chicken or fish stock
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 4 spring onions, finely sliced
  • 100 g (31?2 oz) frozen peas, defrosted
  • Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
  • 150 ml (1?4 pint) crème fraîche salt and pepper?a small handful of fresh parsley


  1. To cook the haddock, place it in a large frying pan, skin side up, and pour over enough water to cover. Bring to a simmer and poach the fish for around 10 minutes or until the flesh flakes easily.
  2. Drain and, when cool, pick out any bones and skin to leave nice big fish flakes. In the meantime, put the rice into a saucepan with the stock, cover with a lid and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook gently for about 10 minutes. Remove from the heat, uncover and leave to stand for about 5 minutes more, by which time all the stock should have been absorbed.
  3. While this is happening, put the eggs in a saucepan of cold water, bring to the boil and cook for 8–10 minutes. Drain them under cold running water and, when cool enough, remove the shells, cut into quarters and set aside.
  4. Melt the butter in a large frying pan and gently soften the spring onions for a few minutes. Stir through the rice, peas, lemon zest and crème fraîche and cook for 3–4 minutes, checking for seasoning and adding some salt and black pepper if needed.
  5. Add the fish flakes and parsley to the pan along with the lemon juice (you may only need half). Taste again to check the seasoning. Serve garnished with the egg quarters.