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Mothers Day

I love that we celebrate mothers! I do have mixed feelings about Mothers Day, however…there are so many different aspects to it and I always feel for people who have either lost their mothers, or who are desperately wanting to become a mother (I have been in both positions) and for whatever reason aren’t mothers because it alienates you and makes you feel that you’re not joining in with this occasion that everyone else is involved in. (A bit like Valentine’s Day when you’re single!) Being a mother is such an amazing thing and having a mother is wonderful, Mothers Day makes me miss mine terribly, but also celebrate the fact that I have become one after such a long journey to do so.

I think motherhood is a lovely thing to celebrate. If you don’t have a mother, or are trying to become a mother, then I think you should try to empower yourself on Mothers Day and think that if you want to become a mother you will, some way or another…and if you have lost your mother to recall all those precious memories.





So it is Mothers Day on Sunday,and I was thinking of a nice dessert to include with this post. I have been working with Hotpoint ovens this week and I made up a lovely recipe for a very retro, very 80’s Pineapple Upside Down Pudding, complete with a glacé cherry in the middle of the pineapples! It is a big tray-bake and it makes a lovely Sunday pud, served with oodles of custard, just like your mum would have made!




Hope you have a lovely day, whatever you are doing

Lots of love

Lisa xx