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Groovy Food!

Hello! I’ve been working with The Groovy Food Company to come up with some recipes using their brilliant products! This is a blog I wrote for their website a few weeks ago…

I’ve recently been using more and more coconut oil in the kitchen, well actually not just in the kitchen – but I will come on to that in a moment! I am always playing around with ingredients and flavour combinations, while also trying to make my creations as balanced and as healthy as possible.
Cooking with coconut oil is one of the healthiest and lightest ways to cook – from roasts to stir fries to baking and dressing, it proves to be a very versatile ingredient that can instantly transform dishes that lack a little excitement, while also being genuinely healthy. I don’t look at it as a substitute for oils but as another option that happens to have some great health benefits.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so I store it in the cupboard and even if does melt a little, it’s just as good and actually makes using it for other things much easier.

The first time I cooked with this, I also used a little on my lips – I got a couple of funny looks from my daughter Billie, but once I showed her the magic of it she is now always sayings ‘Mummy I want my coco lips!”.
I also used it to moisturise my skin when on holiday in France recently, it is really effective and skin feels instantly more hydrated!

Another healthy ingredient I have discovered this Summer is Groovy Foods Agave Nectar. The Agave Nectar is a delicious (and organic) alternative to sugar that doesn’t pile on the pounds as soon as you look at it. They come in different intensity levels as well so you can choose whether you go for a rich, dark, mild or if you fancy just a hint of sweetness in your dish, you can opt for the light amber (which is still super sweet). I use this in porridge, in smoothies and baking now, actually anywhere you need squirt of sweetness… it’s become a staple in our house.

Now Autumn is here and the nights are drawing in, we all feel like snuggling up in pyjamas and eating comfort food, so it’s perfectly natural to want pudding… here is a recipe I created with The Groovy Food Company. It’s for Ginger and Coconut Puddings. Have a go and let me know how you get on.


LF coconut ginger puddings with VCO (3)


I will be at The Cake and Bake Show in Edinburgh this weekend, come and say hello! I am so looking forward to it, I absolutely love The Cake and Bake Show! You can get tickets and info here.




Please continue to send me any pics of my recipes you have made, I love to see them. You can follow me on Twitter @lisafaulkner1 and on Instagram @lisafaulknercooks.

Have a lovely week…it’s half term…hurray!

Lots of love

Lisa xx